Ovia Bogi (left) and Cocolino Jucărescu will finally be Juclandia's leaders starting November.

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Ovia Bogi (left) and Cocolino Jucărescu will finally be Juclandia's leaders starting November.

Ovia Bogi criticises government lack of activity

JUCĂREȘTI, 4 November 2015 – The President of Juclandia, Ovia Bogi, has criticised today Prime Minister Teddy Populescu for the perceived lack of activity of his government in the past few months. Bogi said, in a written statement, that the government, from September onwards, has failed to even take care of current affairs and the … Continue reading

Ovia Bogi (left) and Cocolino Jucărescu will finally be Juclandia's leaders starting November.

Ovia Bogi re-elected for a two-year term in the first round

JUCĂREȘTI, 12 August 2015 – Ovia Bogi will be sworn in as President this 23 August for a second term in office, after she has become the first person in Juclandia’s electoral history to be elected from the first-round in a two-round majority system. Along with her,  Cocolino Jucărescu will be sworn-in as Vice President. With … Continue reading


Juclandia’s political scene completes transition

JUCĂREȘTI, 9 June 2015  – As preparations for July’s general elections are ongoing, Juclandia’s three political movements have all done a huge step in completing the transition started in May 2014, when a political crisis sparked a complete reshuffle of Juclandia’s parties. The roots of the crisis could be traced back to April 2013, with the … Continue reading


INFOGRAPHIC Juclandia’s new Constitution

JUCĂREȘTI, 17 May 2015 – This month has seen Juclandia celebrate the adoption of the new Constitution, after the final vote of the National Constituent Assembly on 1 May 2015, which dissolved thereafter. In the past two weeks, work has been ongoing on the formation of the new state institutions, as well as the planning … Continue reading


Juclandia prepares for a new general election

JUCĂREȘTI, 8 April 2015 – As the National Constituent Assembly is preparing to adopt the final draft of the new Constitution, due to enter into force on the First of May, the Central Electoral Committee has announced the start of the 2015 electoral season, as presidential elections and elections for the Council of State are … Continue reading


National Bank releases economic data for 2014

JUCĂREȘTI, 28 January 2015 – The National Bank of Juclandia, led by Governor Bursuc Novac, has released today the official economic data for 2014, after several revisions and corrections. The report presents various economic indicators, the most important of which is the GDP. As Juclandia has a mostly closed-market economy, all data is provided in … Continue reading


National Constituent Assembly outlines principles for new Constitution

JUCĂREȘTI, 14 January 2015 – After having been elected and sworn into office on 29 December 2014, one month after the dissolution of the Great National Assembly, the National Constituent Assembly met today to outline the principles that will guide the writing of the new Constitution, set to be finalised by July 2015. The Assembly … Continue reading


Parliament dissolved; Constituent assembly to be elected

JUCĂREȘTI, 29 November 2014 – The Great National Assembly of Juclandia has been dissolved in its entirety for the first time in its history, today, after a decree was signed by the King of Juclandia and counter-signed by the President, the Vice President, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. This comes as a result … Continue reading


Bogi release sparks large scale reforms

JUCĂREȘTI, 16 October 2014 – On the 27th of September, a tweet on Juclandia’s official Twitter account announced that Ovia Bogi had been found lying on the streets of Paradissi, one of Juclandia’s municipalities, apparently having been thrown out of a car hours before. Taken to the ER at the Central Hospital in Jucărești, Bogi recovered … Continue reading


BREAKING: Ovia Bogi disappears. UPDATE: Gori to remain acting President

JUCĂREȘTI, 22 August 2014  – Ovia Bogi, the President-elect of Juclandia, due to take office tomorrow at the celebrations for the National Independence Day of Juclandia, has just been declared to have disappeared by the Juclandian Government, after she has not shown up at her workplace, at the Juclandian Royal Government. Her cooperative, “Royal”, of … Continue reading

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