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Freedom of religion under attack in Juclandia

JUCĂREȘTI, 8 April 2016 – In an unexpected turn of events, the Council of State voted today on the adoption of a bill that restricts freedom of religion in the Kingdom. The unanimous vote and its likely adoption by the Great National Assembly on Sunday as well means that there is barely any chance for … Continue reading


Economic and monetary reforms boost growth

JUCĂREȘTI, 21 March 2016 – After two months of beta testing, Juclandia’s electronic payments system, the SNEP, was officially inaugurated. It will now replace most cash-based transactions of the government, which amount to more than JŁ30,000 every month. However, this is not the only reform envisioned by Gori Jucărescu, Juclandia’s Prime Minister, sworn into office … Continue reading


Book Burning Act 2016 declared unconstitutional

JUCĂREȘTI, 17 January 2016 – The Council of Justice, Juclandia’s supreme court, ruled yesterday in a controversial case that the Book Burning Act 2016 violates the constitution and cannot become law. The case was brought before the Council of Justice by the country’s president, Ovia Bogi, acting in the name of the King of Juclandia, who refused … Continue reading

Gori Jucărescu became Juclandia's PM in January. He has been one of the main figures of Juclandian politics for the past decade.

All-star cabinet to rule Juclandia starting January

JUCĂREȘTI, 26 December 2015 – The Great National Assembly voted today on the final composition of Gori Jucărescu’s cabinet, who was selected last week by the FRU, the FUP and the FRD parliamentary majority as Teddy Populescu’s successor. Breaking with the tradition set forth by Populescu, Juclandia’s new cabinet will have members from all three … Continue reading

Teddy Populescu was sworn in as Prime Minister on January the 1st,  2013

Teddy Populescu announces resignation

JUCĂREȘTI, 5 December 2015 – After a relatively inactive autumn and amid criticism by president Bogi, Prime Minister Teddy Populescu announced his resignation, at the ordinary meeting of the Great National Assembly in Jucărești, which ended minutes ago. Populescu’s government has failed to implement many of the systems required by Juclandia’s new Constitution, and it … Continue reading

Ovia Bogi (left) and Cocolino Jucărescu will finally be Juclandia's leaders starting November.

Ovia Bogi criticises government lack of activity

JUCĂREȘTI, 4 November 2015 – The President of Juclandia, Ovia Bogi, has criticised today Prime Minister Teddy Populescu for the perceived lack of activity of his government in the past few months. Bogi said, in a written statement, that the government, from September onwards, has failed to even take care of current affairs and the … Continue reading

Ovia Bogi (left) and Cocolino Jucărescu will finally be Juclandia's leaders starting November.

Ovia Bogi re-elected for a two-year term in the first round

JUCĂREȘTI, 12 August 2015 – Ovia Bogi will be sworn in as President this 23 August for a second term in office, after she has become the first person in Juclandia’s electoral history to be elected from the first-round in a two-round majority system. Along with her,  Cocolino Jucărescu will be sworn-in as Vice President. With … Continue reading


Juclandia’s political scene completes transition

JUCĂREȘTI, 9 June 2015  – As preparations for July’s general elections are ongoing, Juclandia’s three political movements have all done a huge step in completing the transition started in May 2014, when a political crisis sparked a complete reshuffle of Juclandia’s parties. The roots of the crisis could be traced back to April 2013, with the … Continue reading


INFOGRAPHIC Juclandia’s new Constitution

JUCĂREȘTI, 17 May 2015 – This month has seen Juclandia celebrate the adoption of the new Constitution, after the final vote of the National Constituent Assembly on 1 May 2015, which dissolved thereafter. In the past two weeks, work has been ongoing on the formation of the new state institutions, as well as the planning … Continue reading


Juclandia prepares for a new general election

JUCĂREȘTI, 8 April 2015 – As the National Constituent Assembly is preparing to adopt the final draft of the new Constitution, due to enter into force on the First of May, the Central Electoral Committee has announced the start of the 2015 electoral season, as presidential elections and elections for the Council of State are … Continue reading

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