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555 days with Prime Minister Populescu

JUCĂREȘTI, 10 July 2014  – Today, our nation’s Prime Minister, Teddy Populescu, celebrates 555 days since he has been sworn into office. During this time, he has managed to lead only one cabinet, due to his coalition’s large majority in the Assembly of Deputies, a thing that assured a great stability in the act of governance. … Continue reading

Gori Jucărescu is running for re-election. He has been dubbed by left-wing media "The Eternal One".

General elections and federal competitions

JUCĂREȘTI, 31 May 2014 –  As the Academy of Juclandia is busy writing “The Great Book of Juclandia”, a book intended to present the history, the traditions and customs of Juclandia, as well as the nation’s mythological past, politicians are also busy with their own activities, as general elections are due to be organised by the government … Continue reading


Editorial: 45 Years of Slavery

JUCĂREȘTI, 9 May 2014 – Today, the people of the former Soviet Union celebrate 69 years since the Soviets managed to defeat Nazi Germany. It is indeed a day of joy, even though the German Instrument of Surrender was actually signed on May 8. It is a day when Nazism has been defeated, together with everything … Continue reading

Hristos a Înviat!

  JUCĂREȘTI, 20 April 2014 – Another year passes by and the people of Juclandia yet again join together into joy and peace to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. A holiday that the Juclandian people do not celebrate as a commemoration – but as an atemporal even that is contemporary with the … Continue reading


Government coalition breaks up; Gori wants Teddy P to step down

JUCĂREȘTI, 11 April 2014 –  While things in the Federation go on as usual, with the young country signing her first diplomatic treaty with the Empire of Angyalistan, in the Kingdom of Juclandia, growing discontent with politics has sparked a crisis that has been predicted by some analysts for quite some time. After a growing … Continue reading

Gori J. and Pisica D. had the first wedding in the history of Juclandia

First month after FUJL: weddings, football leagues and cultural events

JUCĂREȘTI, 16 March 2013 – Almost one month after the Kingdom of Juclandia joined seven other countries to form together the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands, everyone is busy working on projects to promote cooperation between the provinces and to make the Federation, in general, a better place and a better project to take part … Continue reading


Project Federation: T minus 2 days

JUCĂREȘTI, 21 February 2014 – Ever since the official announcement in regards to the Federation has been released on the 1st of February, the deputies in the Federal Obștea have been restless. Not only that the Federal Constitution has been ratified, but also the most important state offices have been filled, including the posts of … Continue reading

All good things must come to an end

Our country, Juclandia, can pride herself with over 12 years of history and 5 years and a half of independence. These are great stats for a micronation, considering a lot of them just come and go within a period of less than six months. With 3 years and a half of monarchy, we can also … Continue reading

Teddy Populescu was sworn in as Prime Minister on January the 1st,  2013

Teddy Populescu, in the first month after re-election

JUCĂREȘTI, 25 January 2014 – After the electoral alliance “Progressive Juclandia”, led by PM Teddy Populescu, won a two-third majority in the Assembly of Deputies, it was clear for all Juclandians that the government could now easily implement radical reforms in the system. But the Government – in its typical Juclandian style – does not … Continue reading


Communists win elections amid hibernal calm

JUCĂREȘTI, 22 December 2013  – A cold, but chill winter day. This is the atmosphere in which the elections in Juclandia were conducted. And indeed, were it for the election posters to not exist, nobody could tell anything was happening in Jucărești, or any other place in Juclandia. The impact was obvious: in terms of … Continue reading

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