Official presidential candidates announced

Election_MG_3455JUCĂREȘTI, 15 May 2013  – Today, the last arrangements for the presidential election of 2013 have been made. Along with the Great National Assembly passing the “Law on the Presidency of Juclandia” with an unanimity of votes, the Government of Juclandia has also signed into law the Government Decision no. 2 / 2013 which has set up the system and the date for the presidential and Council of State elections.

The Government has decided that the system used in the presidential elections will be the two-round system, in which the winner and runner-up in the first-round will compete each other in a second round, held a week after it. If a candidate manages to get more then 50% of the votes from the first round, a second round of voting will not be held. The date for the election has been set to happen on 11 August 2012 for the first round and the Council of State election, while on 18 August 2012 a second round in the presidential election will be held, if necessary.

For the Council of State, the same system as the last year will be used, which is the first-past-the-post system in single-member constituencies. For this to happen, the country has been divided into six electoral constituencies: two for the state of Jucărești, one for Lenia, a merged one for Grădinari and Câinești, another merged one for Culinar and Paradissi and another merged one for Nisipești, Floral and Păsăreni.

At the same time, the Central Electoral Commission has released the final list on the candidates for the presidential election. This is as follows:

a) Ovia Bogi (Liberal Alliance)
– running mate: Bestia Reformescu (Socialist Christian-Democratic Party)
– supported by: Socialist Christian-Democratic Party, Liberal Alliance, Communist Party of Juclandia

b) Bartholomeos Pravoslavnici (New Democracy – Christian Democratic)
– running mate: Semiluna Factos (Democratic Party)
– supported by: Democratic Party, New Democracy – Christian Democratic

c) Gori Jucărescu (Independent)
– running mate: Pisica Democrescu (Independent)
– supported by: none, independent candidate

d) Sunis Pavluts (Independent)
– running mate: Tavi Musashvili (Independent)
– supported by: none, independent candidate

While the nominations of Ovia Bogi and Bartholomeos Pravoslavnici were no surprise, as they already have been announced by their respective parties since March this year, Pisica Democrescu running in the same team with Gori Jucărescu, both as independents, came as a huge surprise to the Juclandian public.

Another surprise of the election is Sunis Pavluts, a citizen of Juclandia that have not been in the political scene until now. He was endorsed in the election by the 27 signatures of the members of “Casa Cărții” cooperative.

One Response to “Official presidential candidates announced”
  1. Leon Simpson says:

    Ovia Bogi for President!

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