Assembly passes 2013 Budget; new institutions founded

Personal-Finance-Tips-that-save-you-money[1]JUCĂREȘTI, 29 January 2012 – The Assembly of Deputies of Juclandia has passed today the State Budget for the 2013 fiscal year. The budget provides estimated revenues of 452150 J£ and spendings of 493909 J£, with a budget deficit of 41759 J£. The law passed by a vote of 16 to 9.

The Budget Law provides a monthly salary of 400 J£ per citizen, out of which 60% will be covered by the state and 40% will be covered by the private sector, a big difference from the last year’s budget, where only 50% of the 200 J£ monthly salary was being covered by the state.

As for the budgets of the ministries, most are set to spend more than last year, with the exception of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (a decrease of 2.4%) and the Ministry of Labour, Industry and Energy (a decrease of 4.21%). The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Commerce will get the biggest raise, with an increase of 11.24%.

The special government budget for the Orthodox Church of Juclandia is also set to increase with 7.52%, amid a public discussion on a reform of the Statute of the Church, and new social projects developed by the Holy Synod. His Beatitude, Patriarch Bartholomeos II of Juclandia (formerly called Cățelușu) has declared that the Church is highly grateful for the raise in fund the government has decided to give.

In the Assembly, the Prime Minister was questioned by the Leader of the Opposition on the high deficit:

We in the Opposition think that you spend too much, and your deficit is too big to be sustainable. The only way you can deal with it is by either printing more money or getting the country in debt. Neither of this are desirable. – Iepurica Democrescu, Leader of the Opposition

I must note that the estimated deficit, is, as its name says, just an estimation. We do not and cannot guess exactly how much money will exactly come as a profit from the state-owned companies, at the end of the year we might as well deal with a surplus. But, at least we’re spending. Your Government has done nothing of substance for this country in the economic sector, and had only made it more private and more neoliberal. We’re here to revert this. – Teddy Populescu, Prime Minister of Juclandia

The governor of the National Bank of Juclandia, Bursuc Băncescu, said that he expects the profits of the state-owned companies to be higher than estimated, so there will not be any need to cover the deficit, since there will not be any, but he also stated that in case the deficit will exist, the National Bank wouldn’t be fully able to cover it, as the reserves of the bank would dramatically decrease. The only possible solution seems getting loans from the private market – but the people wouldn’t be so happy about this – the last government, lead by now-Leader of the Opposition Iepurica Democrescu left the country with no debt.

The Budget Law gives some institutions in its appendix that currently don’t exist – those are going to be created this week by the Government through ordinances and decrees, and they are set to change the fact of Juclandia in the future. Among those, some important hints have been given by the Prime Minister that the following institutions are set to be founded:

  • The Juclandian Post. It will be created the next month, after almost an year of having it de facto existent, even if the last government always omitted to formally found it;
  • University of Juclandia. The Ministry of Education has, throughout its history, organised ad-hoc faculties under the name of “University of Jucărești”, even if the latter never actually existed. Prime Minister Populescu promised to repair this, by founding it in February or March 2013;
  • The National Stock Exchange. Even if it does sound strange for a Communist Prime Minister and a left-wing government, the Cabinet is planning to found the first stock exchange in the history of Juclandia, to have the now state-owned companies get some private support for their actions.
  • Juclandian Society for Museums. At the moment, there is only one official museum in Juclandia – the National History Museum, under the direct coordination of the Minister of Education and Culture. The government is planning to found some more museums, and have them all under the coordination of an institution, rather than directly under the ministry.

At the end of the day, we can all see that the left-wing government is planning to dramatically change the face of Juclandia – if this change would be positive or negative, it is only up to the people to decide in the next election. After the economic reforms will be finished, the government wants to adopt a new foreign policy, and a new statute for the Orthodox Church.

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